Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Posh Test part 2

I've just found a posh test: http://poshtest.com/quiz/

It's quite funny and reasonably accurate (I come out as 67% posh, which I think is about right). But there are quite a few things there that they think mean posh and I think mean not posh at all. For example: taking your shoes off before you enter the house is absolutely not posh. Nor is hiding loo roll under decorative cover. (And the person who set the test has immediately given themselves away by calling it 'loo roll' and not that horrid T word; so maybe these are double-bluffs). Some of the questions are really rather witty: cf muddy Land Rover, garage as pronounced 'garahhj' (my friends used to fall about laughing when I talked about 'garahhj music'), having a 'study' in your house....

Suck it and see.

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