Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Posh Bird in London

There's nothing special about being a posh bird in London. I'm so posh, I could be posh anywhere. In fact, for years, I was posh in Deptford. If you can be posh there, you can be posh in...Catford. I'm serious, I have the ability to be posh in Lewisham.

Anyway, now I'm posh in Snotty Hill, which you would think was very easy. But actually, it's a lot harder - because too many people in these parts think they are posh, when they're not. And they're constantly pushing their posh credentials on to you and you just want to point out that the very fact they feel the need to wear pearls while out jogging/dress their nanny in a uniform/marry a man called Rupert means that they're not really posh at all.

I'll be blogging on this type of trial and tribulation as the weeks go by....not to mention posh spotting, posh etiquette, posh voices, modern posh, posh people, too posh to push and David Beckham.

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